I am glad you are interested in learning more about Grace Church of Harmony. Personally, I love this church! You may be thinking that I am just saying that because I am the pastor here, but, I want to tell you, I served as shepherd of two other congregations and even did a two-year stint overseas training national pastors, so I recognize a good church when I see one.

At Grace Church of Harmony, we are trying to blend the best of Evangelical Christianity with traditional elements of worship and ministry rooted in our historic Christian heritage. For example, during worship, we may recite an ancient Christian creed or responsively read a Psalm; we may sing a time-proven hymn or we may sing a contemporary composition; sometimes we recite the Lord's Prayer, while more frequently the pastor prays aloud as the congregation quietly follows along. In all we say and do, we treat the Bible as a treasure-chest of God's promises to us. In the sermons, scripture readings, Sunday School classes, and Bible study groups, we mine God's Word to receive His precious and surprising gifts.

I believe God places us in His church in order to bless us with His gift of salvation in Jesus Christ so that we will joyfully praise and enjoy Him forever. I envision Grace Church of Harmony as a congregation of people pursuing true happiness through a relationship with Jesus Christ and then spreading that joy to unbelievers and believers alike.

Senior Pastor Peter J. Everett is a graduate of The King's College and Dallas Theological Seminary.